DSCSA Compliance for Repackagers

LedgerDomain’s OCI-compliant XATP Digital Wallet powers secure credentialed DSCSA applications. Verify your trading partner’s Authorized Trading Parter (ATP) status, build a 6-year record of compliance activity, drive enhanced verification and interoperable tracing, and manage recalls and 3911s. The DSCSA Control Tower integrates with enterprise systems to manage and track compliance activity.

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DSCSA Compliance Starts with Authorized Trading Partners

Verifiable Credentials are a digital “precheck” that prove that you’re an Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) under the DSCSA. These fully interoperable credentials comply with FDA guidances and industry standards including PDG, OCI, and NIST identity assurance. By securing your IT systems and preventing criminals from stealing your identity, Verifiable Credentials save you time on your journey to DSCSA compliance.

XATP by LedgerDomain Checks the Boxes for Repackagers

  • Ensure that all your trading partners are Authorized Trading Partners (ATPs) under the DSCSA

  • Ensure that your establishment is registered with FDA

  • Systems and processes to respond to product tracing requests from ATPs and regulators

  • Systems and processes to respond to requests for product identifier verification from ATPs and regulators

  • Retain all records for at least 6 years

Your DSCSA Action Plan

ATP Credential + Address Book

Meet the “all-electronic” Authorized Trading Partner requirement.

  • Demonstrate your ATP status to direct trading partners

  • Check and log ATP status of indirect trading partners

  • Track your trading partners’ ATP status over time

  • Drive customer master data validation

  • Credential integrates with your VRS provider at no cost

Magic Portal for Trading Partners

Interoperate with stakeholders at all supply chain levels while reducing call center burden.

  • Email address validation

  • Instant onboarding for direct trading partners

  • ATP licensure checks for indirects

  • Automatic verification with Verification Router Service (VRS) integration

  • Trace requests

  • Exception reports (e.g. drop ship customers)

DSCSA Control Tower for Your Team

Executive web dashboard for all DSCSA compliance activity, including tracing and investigations

  • Manage tracing & verification requests

  • Manage exceptions reporting & resolution

  • Smart negative verification workflows

  • Track DSCSA compliance across a full range of activities

  • Access 6-year archive to support audits and investigations

5 Steps for Repackagers


Submit proof of being an ATP, and you’ll receive an activated credential in your wallet


Onboard your compliance team and start to monitor your compliance


Track and log the ATP status and supplementary data of your direct trading partners


Provide a single channel for trading partners to submit DSCSA requests

TRACING & 3911

Respond to tracing requests, recalls, log 3911s and more

…get your policies in order and you’re done!

Secure Your DSCSA Compliance Today



  • OCI-Compliant Digital Wallet
  • ATP Credential (NIST Level 2)
  • Single user
  • Address Book (up to 1000 Trading Partners)
  • Trading partner identity confirmation and credential exchange (up to 1000 Trading Partners)
  • Integration with your VRS provider of choice
  • Data export for audit
  • Email support
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  • Everything in XATP Essentials
  • Multiple named users
  • Unlimited Address Book
  • Unlimited trading partner identity confirmation and credential exchange
  • Hosted DSCSA Magic Portal (trace, verification, exception reporting)
  • Entity Resolution Tool for GLNs and addresses
  • 6-year archive retention
  • Email support
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  • Everything in XATP Advanced
  • Unlimited credentialed identities (NIST Level 2)
  • Unlimited trace request management
  • Unlimited named users
  • Enterprise-scale digital architecture (SSO, enterprise SLA)
  • Partner modules (serialization EPCIS, T2/T3 management, VRS access, mobile scanning applications, advanced license verification)
  • 3911 management, 12-year archiving & enterprise support
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