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Enhanced Verification & Interoperable Tracing Backed by Verifiable Credentials

  • Let others know you’re a trusted Authorized Trading Partner (ATP)
  • Verify direct and indirect trading partner’s ATP status
  • Credentials power trusted connections for enhanced drug verification and tracing

Solutions for DSCSA compliance

OCI & PDG Compliant Identity Management

XATP credentials meet specifications supported by NIST, GS1, and PDG’s Blueprint for Interoperability. Choose the solution built from the group up with wide support from DSCSA stakeholders.

DSCSA Web Portals

Ensure interoperability with 100,000+ trading partners on day one with your own secure DSCSA web portal. Invite your trading partners and establish limited “courtesy” requests for indirect trading partners.

Enhanced Drug Verification

XATP credentials integrate with your VRS solution provider of choice, adding an extra layer of protection and auditability. LedgerDomain’s manual verification solution extends this functionality beyond the VRS for total coverage.

Confirming Counterparty ATP Status

DSCSA requires unprecedented coordination among trading partners – even those with no prior business relationship. XATP credentials are like “TSA Pre-check” to securely exchange sensitive compliance information.

Electronic Interoperable Tracing

DSCSA traceability helps to identify and remove counterfeit, stolen, or contaminated medications – ensuring patient safety. LedgerDomain’s tracing solution drives critical information sharing between regulators and trading partners to support suspect & illegitimate product investigations.

DSCSA Exception Handling & Data Alignment

Your drug inventory is only as good as your data — so what happens when real life doesn’t match up? LedgerDomain’s solutions help resolve data misalignment issues, so you can speed drugs to the patients who need them.

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“As a leader in championing DSCSA initiatives, rfxcel is actively partnering to ensure DSCSA stakeholder readiness by 2023. LedgerDomain’s credentialing and tracing solutions are built on open standards, ensuring interoperability with other providers.”

Herb Wong
Rfxcel SVP Product & Strategy
Antares Vision Group

“Open standards are a critical element of interoperability, and OCI has been a venue to foster technical leadership and innovation in the pursuit of pharma supply chain interoperability. Cloud wallets with OCI-compliant verifiable ATP credentials act like ‘TSA pre-check’.”

Dave Mason
Regional Supply Chain Compliance

“Due diligence and cryptographic assurance are at the heart of the DSCSA credentials, and what makes them uniquely suited to enhancing supply chain security. Trading partners nationwide can rely on our root of trust to ‘check the box’ on their compliance activities.”

David Kessler

“By making this capability available through our self-serve cloud solution, Movilitas.Cloud stands ready to help trading partners leverage the power of OCI-compliant verifiable credentials.”

Mark Blekkink
Managing Director

“LedgerDomain’s XATP solution enabled us to accelerate onboarding and ensure our customers’ compliance messages go to the front of the line.”

Gael Lambert
SAAS Product Manager

“Community pharmacies are familiar with credentialing for payer networks. Most will see the utility of a digital credential that any supply chain trading partner can use to prove they are authorized for a transaction.”

Lisa Schwartz, PharmD
Senior Director, Professional Affairs
National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

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Get your ATP Credential, DSCSA Portal, and Control Tower today

XATP Essentials


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For independent pharmacies

  • OCI-Compliant Digital Wallet
  • ATP Credential (NIST Level 2)
  • Data export for audit
  • Trading partner identity confirmation and credential exchange (5 ATPs)
  • Unlimited integration with VRS provider of choice
  • Universal manual drug verification beyond VRS (10 verifications / year)
  • Trace request management (PDG Compliant) (2 traces / year)
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XATP Professional


Recommended for trading partners with revenues up to $20M

  • Everything in XATP Essentials
  • DSCSA Control Tower
  • Address Book (25 ATPs)
  • Trading partner identity confirmation and credential exchange (up to 25 ATPs / year)
  • Universal manual drug verification beyond VRS (up to 100 verifications / year)
  • Trace request management (up to 10 requests & responses / year)
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XATP Enterprise

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For trading partners with organizational annual revenue over $200M

  • Everything in XATP Professional
  • Unlimited credentialed identities (NIST Level 2)
  • Unlimited trace request management
  • Unlimited trading partner identity confirmation and credential exchange
  • Hosted DSCSA web portal
  • Universal secure drug verification without VRS
  • Enterprise-scale digital architecture (SSO, enterprise SLA)
  • XATP Essentials coupon for partner pharmacies
  • 3911 Management
  • 12 Year Archiving
  • Enterprise support
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