With less than 3 weeks until the November 27 deadline, our team is helping manufacturers, wholesalers and dispensers plant the flag by purchasing their Digital Wallet & Credential. One small step for ATP confirmation; one giant leap for an interoperable supply chain.

Thanks to all those who workshopped the XATP Magic Portal for manufacturers last week, with a hat tip to the 6 participants from Big 3 wholesalers who weighed in. Special thanks to manufacturers who have hosted us for their private in-person sessions (there’s clearly an arms race for who has the nicest hybrid work setup). Having already delivered to early access customers earlier this fall, we’re excited to push ahead with you into the stabilization period and beyond. The slides and readout from the workshop are attached below.

Laser Focused on Closing 5 Compliance Gaps

Our original 7 big pharmas targeted five major compliance gaps:

  1. How can I demonstrate my ATP status to direct trading partners?
  2. How can I check and log the ATP status of indirect trading partners for verification & trace?
  3. How can I receive exception reports from drop ship customers?
  4. How can I validate my customer master data?
  5. How can I interoperate with smaller indirect ATPs while reducing call center burden?

Big Pharmas Align on DSCSA Stabilization Roadmap

Manufacturers have tasked us with the need to interoperate with all maturity levels and all DSCSA applications, including indirect trading partners (up to 200,000 sites and 30,000 owners with no established onboarding). Building on our spring workshop, we’ve delivered a two-sided, interoperable workspace that supports direct and indirect trading partners who lack VRS access, lack credentials, or need to access DSCSA workflows.

  • Verification, trace, and data alignment activities
  • ATP licensure & customer master challenges
  • Reduce call center burden
  • Interoperable “single sign on” for ATPs with onboarding landing pages and emails
  • Maintain electronic thread for auditability & process improvement

Q1 2024 Portal Priority Workspaces

With the goal of “accurate and complete” data, the readout of first quarter 2024 priorities were dominated by exception handling and master data alignment. While GLNs do not close the licensure status gap, they remain a key ingredient in ATP licensure & customer master challenges.

Key focus through Q1 2024:

  • Broad support for HDA’s recommended implementation timeline, including April 1 for full requirements including “accurate and complete” data
  • Broad recognition that GLNs do not close the licensure status gap
  • ATP licensure & customer master challenges include fuzzy GLN matching and completing the “golden triangle” (ship-to address, GLN, and ATP status)

Summer priorities for November 2024 deadline:

  • GS1 ErrorDeclaration currently being explored by industry groups, and stakeholders desire a fully interoperable workflow to identify and coordinate on exceptions
  • M2M exception integrations with major wholesaler systems
  • CMOs as named users on the dashboard
  • Onboarding for quality teams

Are you ready for November 27? Join your peers and purchase your credential today.