Wallet manages digital credentials and checks incoming messages to secure credentialed DSCSA applications, including product tracing and enhanced verification

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 28, 2022 – LedgerDomain, a global leader in decentralized technologies for healthcare, today announced the formal launch and general availability of its OCI-compliant XATP Enterprise Cloud Wallet. With less than one year until the complete Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements come into effect, LedgerDomain’s cloud wallet solution drives a full suite of compliance use cases for Authorized Trading Partners (ATPs) in the US pharmaceutical supply chain.

“Open standards are a critical element of interoperability, and OCI has been a venue to foster technical leadership and innovation in the pursuit of pharma supply chain interoperability. Now that OCI has finalized its conformance criteria, cloud wallets with OCI-compliant verifiable ATP credentials act like ‘TSA pre-check’ for ATPs seeking to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain.”
– Dave Mason, Regional Supply Chain Compliance and Serialization Lead at Novartis

“As a leader in championing DSCSA initiatives, rfxcel is actively partnering to ensure DSCSA stakeholder readiness by 2023. LedgerDomain’s credentialing and tracing solutions are built on open standards, ensuring interoperability with other providers.”
– Herb Wong, rfxcel SVP Product & Strategy, AntaresVision Group 

By November 27, 2023, ATPs in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain will be required to exchange product compliance information, including drug verification and tracing data. As members of the Open Credentialing Initiative (OCI) and the Partnership for DSCSA Governance (PDG), LedgerDomain supports the use of W3C-specified Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), GS1 messaging standards and data attributes, and open standards to achieve safe and secure credentialing and information exchange between ATPs.

The XATP Enterprise Cloud Wallet is the cornerstone of LedgerDomain’s DSCSA Control Tower, the real-time one-stop DSCSA compliance hub. The wallet drives four essential activities for stakeholders to meet their DSCSA compliance goals:

  • ATP Status Confirmation. Exchange credentials with direct and indirect trading partners to meet compliance requirements.
  • Credentialed Enhanced Verification. Integration with VRS providers for secure verification of drug packages, supporting saleable returns and suspect & illegitimate product investigations.
  • Fallback Email Verification. With secure human-in-the-loop responses by manufacturers not yet on the VRS, LedgerDomain unlocks 100% coverage for dispensers and wholesalers.
  • Interoperable Tracing. Secure credentialed emails combined with PDG’s open tracing schema allow stakeholders to request and respond with confidence.

“Interoperability is at the core of all ATP credentialing efforts, and we are very pleased to issue credentials through Spherity CARO and LedgerDomain XATP cloud wallet solutions. This is where the rubber meets the road. Legisym is excited to lock arms with these providers to secure the pharma supply chain.”
– David Kessler, President at Legisym

“We’re excited to be doing our part to leverage interoperable standards and specifications promulgated by FDA, GS1, PDG, HDA, and OCI to help DSCSA stakeholders achieve secure, reliable interoperability. We’re working closely with our partners at Legisym and Trust.MED to deliver verifiable credentials that stakeholders can count on.”
– Alex Colgan, head of strategic partnerships at LedgerDomain and OCI Steering Committee co-chair

LedgerDomain’s XATP cloud wallet is currently undergoing interoperability testing with all leading Verification Router Service (VRS) solution providers under the aegis of HDA, a key milestone for genuine DSCSA interoperability.  Reach out to DSCSAsuccess@ledgerdomain.com or xatp.org/buy to get your cloud wallet and ATP credential today.

About XATP & LedgerDomain

XATP member services enable ATPs, including global enterprises, health centers, and independent pharmacists to comply with DSCSA requirements for authentication, enhanced verification, tracing, and saleable returns documentation. XATP members include global enterprises, health centers, and independent pharmacists committed to assuring prescription drugs remain safe and effective for patients. XATP is powered by LedgerDomain, a solutions provider focused on healthcare supply chain assurance and visibility.