Movilitas.Cloud and LedgerDomain deliver enhanced verification and interoperable tracing powered by DSCSA digital credentials.

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2023 – Engineering Industries eXcellence, a global leader in digital transformation, today announced a joint effort with LedgerDomain to help pharmaceutical industry stakeholders comply with the upcoming authorized trading partner (ATP), interoperable tracing and enhanced verification requirements of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). As part of this joint effort, Engineering Industries eXcellence will use its proprietary Software-as-a-Service track & trace solution, Movilitas.Cloud, to work together with LedgerDomain and expand access to their cutting-edge supply chain solutions.

By November 27, 2023, ATPs in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain will be required to exchange product compliance information, including drug verification and tracing data. As members of the Open Credentialing Initiative (OCI) and the Partnership for DSCSA Governance (PDG), Engineering Industries eXcellence, with Movilitas.Cloud and LedgerDomain, support the use of W3C-specified Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), GS1 messaging standards and data attributes and open standards to achieve safe and secure credentialing and information exchange between ATPs.

Working alongside a coalition of other solution providers, Engineering Industries eXcellence and LedgerDomain deliver credential-secured messages to the Verification Router Service (VRS), a network of solution providers established to handle enhanced drug verification under the law. With ATP credentials, manufacturers and repackagers can automatically confirm the ATP status and identity of requesters on the network.

“ATP credentials ensure interoperability and seamless information exchange across the pharmaceutical supply chain,” said Marc Blekkink, Managing Director of Movilitas.Cloud. “By making this capability available through our self-serve cloud solution, Movilitas.Cloud stands ready to help trading partners leverage the power of OCI-compliant verifiable credentials.”

“With less than 9 months until the DSCSA implementation deadline, enhanced drug distribution security is just around the corner,” said LedgerDomain CEO Ben Taylor. “We’re excited to work with Movilitas.Cloud to deliver credential-driven solutions to help trading partners achieve their compliance goals.”

For more information about Movilitas.Cloud’s full suite of solutions for DSCSA compliance, contact Marc Blekkink at and visit Movilitas.Cloud. To learn more about XATP credentials to support DSCSA verification and tracing, contact

Engineering Industries eXcellence

The Engineering Group is a global leader in digital transformation. With an annual revenue of over $1.3 billion and around 12,000 professionals across 60 office locations across North America, South America and EMEA, the Engineering Group manages projects in over 20 countries by designing, developing and implementing innovative solutions for the business areas in which digitalization is having the biggest impact. Our Industries eXcellence division is changing the way the industrial world works. Focused on advancing the Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Energy and Utilities sectors through digital transformation, our team builds and delivers integrated technology solutions in order to drive efficiency, collaboration, optimization and excellence across all of our clients’ business, operational and delivery processes.

Within the Engineering Industries eXcellence technology portfolio for Digital Supply Chain and Industry 4.0, Movilitas.Cloud is our proprietary Software-as-a-Service track & trace solution that makes serialization and compliance for the stakeholders of the life sciences and other supply chain-centered sectors simple and efficient. Businesses can become compliant with regulatory directives such as U.S. DSCSA, EU-FMD, Indonesia BPOM and others easily and cost-efficiently with Movilitas.Cloud, driving efficiencies in their business compliance through process automation and brand protection. As a long-standing member of HDA, Engineering Industries eXcellence is a proud participant in the DSCSA advisory board for testing technical requirements of the regulation. To learn more, visit the Movilitas.Cloud website.

About XATP & LedgerDomain

XATP was created to enable ATP authentication, enhanced verification, and saleable returns documentation. XATP members include global enterprises, health centers, and independent pharmacists committed to assuring prescription drugs remain safe and effective for patients. XATP is powered by LedgerDomain, a solutions provider focused on healthcare supply chain assurance and visibility.