It’s not uncommon for pharmaceutical organizations to lose 3–6% or more of their U.S.-branded drug revenues via gross-to-net leakage, adulterated product, and inefficient supply chains each year, amounting to a collective $40 billion in lost bottom-line income. Causes include counterfeiting and adulterated product ($5B+); duplicate rebates, copay benefits misuse, and chargebacks abuse ($30B+); and inefficient supply chains ($5B+).

Organizations suffering from these challenges have new tools to  actively monitor, detect, and mitigate this revenue destruction. With the DSCSA’s November 27, 2024 enforcement requirement, in combination with advances in AI and machine learning, IQVIA estimates that organizations now have an opportunity to halve their yearly revenue losses, saving most of them hundreds of millions. Find out more from IQVIA’s whitepaper co-authored by LedgerDomain’s Alex Colgan.

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